Taking Care of Your Back and Neck This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner we want to give you a few helpful hints and tips to keep your back out of trouble this Christmas. 

For most of us the festive season brings a change to our daily routine.  I’m sure we all look forward to a few well-earned days off and not having to do the dreaded school run or commute to work.  It is also the time of year for socializing, whether it is at the works Christmas do or with our family and friends, everybody likes a good party! 

With so much to look forward to it is easy to forget the essentials for taking care of your back over the holiday period.  Let us not forget that before we can enjoy Christmas day we must first complete the heavy Christmas shop, write hundreds of Christmas cards to distant friends and family, and spend hours on the lounge floor wrapping all those lovely presents when the kids have finally gone to sleep.

So here it is, the list that matters most this Christmas Taunton Chiropractic’s naughty & nice list.

Naughty things to do this Christmas:

  • Spending hours on the floor wrapping Christmas presents is not a good idea, especially if you already suffer with back pain.  Instead, try using the dining room table or the ironing board so that you can stay in a good, upright posture and avoid excessive pressure to your low back and hips.
  • Watching too much TV!  I know you love watching the Muppet’s Christmas carol and the Great Escape but let’s be honest you’ve seen them all before!  So rather than spending hours slouching on the sofa why not get active with a family game of charades.
  • Trying to get the decorations in and out of the loft can be tricky business.  Twisting and bending in awkward positions whilst up a ladder with a heavy box in your hands in a recipe for disaster for your back and neck.  Make sure you avoid overfilling boxes that you have to hold above your head and most importantly, get a helper!

Nice things to do this Christmas:

  • Stay active.  There is nothing better than a winter walk to help all that delicious holiday food go down.
  • Beware of the ice!  Take care and always ensure you are wearing the correct footwear, flip flops may be cool for the pool but they are a no-go in the snow.  The last thing anybody wants for Christmas is a fractured hip.
  • Visiting distant relatives is something many of us will do this Christmas but spending hours in the car and sleeping in spare beds is not ideal for your back or neck.  When travelling ensure you take regular breaks to stretch your legs and give your body a chance to move around.  If you are staying with relatives why not take your own pillow, this is an essential tip if you already suffer with neck pain.